I got a phone call from a man in New York for his health problem last Friday (July 29, 2016). His question was whether acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can benefit subacute thyroiditis, because he has been diagnosed as subacute thyroiditis and has been taking medicines for three weeks. He has a history of goiter pain, fever, sore throat, and high level of T3 and T4. His fever was controlled and goiter pain was somewhat improved after taking medicines for two weeks. Now he fears for that his medicines maybe result in hypothyroidism from his medicines for hyperthyroidism, and he wants know how to prevent recurrence of the subacute thyroiditis.

I suggested to him that he could use acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula combined with his medicines, because acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine has certain advantages in treatment of the subacute thyroiditis fallowing the clinic research in China and my personal practicing experience. It was shown that acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment of subacute thyroiditis can effectively relieve pain in patients with goiter, restore its damaged thyroid morphology and function, and  avoid the side effects of hormone therapy in some people taking medicines, and can be effective in preventing recurrence of the conditions of the subacute thyroiditis.

Following up my experience, using only acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula can help subacute thyroiditis with mild to medium conditions, they benefit the subacute thyroiditis with sever condition or with side effects of medicines such as overweight and/or low of the T3, T4 after taking medicines, for example, a 19 year-old complained that he had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism without taking medicines, he had goiter ache, sore throat, fatigue, poor sleep and lost 5 LB in two weeks, and his T3 was high. His condition was improved after using acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula for one week; his weight went back to normal, and his T3 down to normal after four weeks. Another 20 year-old woman came into the office seeking help for her weight gain. She felt a puffy sensation in her face, felt fatigue, and had low level of the T3 and T4 after taking hyperthyroidism medicine for her aubacute thyroiditis for one month. Her condition improved a lot after using acupuncture and Chinese herb formula for two weeks, blood work showed her T3, T4 level was normal after six weeks.