Dear Dr. Yang,
Acupuncture treatment was suggested to help my mother cope with her long term depression and sleep disturbance, after 50 years of torment.
For 35 years, since she was 18 years old, epilepsy plagued her monthly. This affected her personal and family relationships with others. She continually battled frustration, anger and sadness. It even went to the extent of interfering with her marriage creating animosity, resentment, loneliness and isolation from others.
Due to the continual anxiety, her sleep patterns became very erratic and disturbed. She would experience terrible nightmares, awaken frequently and not be able to return to restful sleep. As a result, this left her with tremendous anxiety, feelings of intense anger, animosity and high blood pressure.
After experiencing your exceptional ‘Shen’ acupuncture treatment (Dr. Yang’s protocol treatment), you have given her back her life. At 72 years of age, she no longer experiences those vivid terrorizing dreams which kept her awake all night.
Her mood has vastly improved. The feelings of sadness and depression have lifted and her anger has almost disappeared, allowing her to be calm and focused, flexible to experience life that she once missed.
I am very thankful for your expertise and for helping me. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to acupuncture and you for giving me back her life.
D. M. from Orlando
I have had depression with severe fatigue for a long time and I had been taking medicine for depression for about 16 years. Now I have stopped taking medicine and gotten greater result from electric acupuncture with Dr. Yang.
I had depression with stress since about 20 years old. Starting from 16 years ago, I had been taking medicine for depression. The medicine helped me, but it is not easy for me to take on an everyday schedule of a long period of time. If I decrease the amount or have forgotten to take the medication, my depression worsens and my emotions are easily changed. I always wanted to sleep, but I just can’t seem to be able to fall asleep and that disturbed the quality of my life. I want to change and I wish I could find a different way of changing.
My wife understands that acupuncture and Chinese medicine may be able to help me. And because she has gotten good result from Chinese medicine with Dr. Yang about her health problems, she suggested me to try acupuncture.
At the beginning, I feel little better after many sessions from other but I still have stress, fatigue and always wanted to sleep, and I still need to take medicine. The acupuncture works but it is slow. From my wife, I know Dr. Yang has special protocol for depression and have helped many people who have the same problems. So I made the decision to visit the Dr. Yang for help.
Dr. Yang treated me twice a week. I felt very relaxed after every treatment and my stress and depression improved after two weeks of treatment. During following treatments, I began decreasing the medicine and after a while, I successfully stopped the medicine for depression that I had taken for 16 years. I kept doing some more treatment of electric acupuncture after stopping the medicine for about 2 months and at that time, my sleeping problems and fatigue problem improved
I’m very grateful that I was to be able to meet Dr. Yang.
Thank you, Dr Yang,

Carlos P.