I initially saw Dr. Yang for a chronic inflamed sciatic nerve condition. Within minutes the pain was totally gone. Twelve years ago I had a total hysterectomy and have suffered continually with unbearable hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings etc. I was allergic to any and all Hormone Replacement Therapy that was prescribed my many physicians. I again sought Dr. Yang’s help with my hormone imbalance. Within 2 months time I was totally healed from the symptoms of Hormone Imbalance. I am in total disbelief that such a treatment helped me so much without any western medicines at all. I shall seek HIS assistance whenever I become ill first. What an amazing discovery. Thank you so much Dr. Yang. I sing your praises to whomever will listen.

Rachel G
I’m very happy to report the great results I received from Dr Yang’s treatments and the herbal formulas for my menopause. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Yang for helping me with my health issues.
Since about 3 years ago, when menopause was coming, I have had hot flashes, poor sleep, night sweats, feeling of stress and mood swings. I knew what was happening to me, it was “supposed to happen” but not to me.
I tried to help myself, but it is working very slowly. I have studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine since the summer of 2007 and I’m always asking myself the same question. Can acupuncture and Chinese medicine help me? I should have tried some Chinese herbs before trying to help other people who have the same problems. I visited Dr. Yang because I heard from my friends that he is very knowledgeable and is full of experience with Chinese medicine.
After Dr. Yang listened to my complaints, he checked my tongue and pulse. He further explained to me about my problems. He decided to make an herbal formula for me. I followed the procedure of taking it 3 times a day for two weeks. After one week, I had seen some changes in myself. It improved my hot flashes, poor sleep, night sweats and my emotions became calmer. After taking more of the herbal formula, all the symptoms of my menopause improved.
I must say that I’m very surprised. I remember asking Dr. Yang, “Does your herbal formula treat my all problems?” Now that I have stopped taking Chinese herbs for about a half year, I’m still in a very good condition. My condition is fully stabilized.
Thank you, Dr Yang

P. M. Z.