I have chronic pain, how do I take care of myself at home after an acupuncture visit?
According to Chinese medicine, chronic pain is always caused by blood stasis, which means that blood circulation to a painful area is diminished. This can get worse when the weather changes, with the common cold, or when the exterior temperature drops. This condition is managed by invigorating blood flow.
To support the acupuncture treatment at home, a patient with chronic pain can make use of these suggested self-care treatment options. 1) Use a heating pad on the painful area. 2) Apply a warm water wash (110 degrees) to the painful area. Soak a towel in warm water, and use it to wash the painful area, including joints and muscles. Continue to soak the area for about ten minutes, and the painful area will turn red, and should begin to feel warm. Do this once a day in the evening and before sleep. 3) Sometimes chronic pain will get worse after catching a cold, especially with symptoms like headache, stomachache, or aching of the whole body. In this case the patient can make and drink ginger tea, or ginger soup. 4) An effective way of managing chronic pain is to do regular soft exercises like walking outside once a day, practice Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi), or other exercises that prove to be beneficial. 5) Finally, if you know you have gout, avoid seafood, because that can worsen the condition.