I’m very lucky for that I kept in contact with a person with severe migraine headache for 11 years after I first treated him with electric acupuncture in 2005. Following up, I knew that the electric acupuncture treatment was very effective for his condition, and there has been no recurrence for 11 years. I got a testimonial (in 2007) from him (see migraine and headache for 30 years in testimonial at www.  DrYangOrlandoAcupuncture.com).


He wrote his condition, history of the health problems and experience with electric acupuncture in the testimonial below:

When I was 8 years old, I ran in front of an oncoming automobile traveling 35-40 mph. I was struck and thrown several 100 feet. This resulted in a head concussion, multiple bone fractures and coma. In my late teens, I started experiencing petit mal seizures and daily cluster migraines. These headaches consumed most of the facets of my daily existence for 30 years.

The result of extensive facial fractures led to enlarged sinuses that were prone to obstruction and chronic sinus infection; along with asthma.

I was treated by a plethora of Western physicians and chiropractic manipulation including several hospitalizations over the years addressing headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ and depression. The diagnosis stemmed back to the car accident. Their treatment plans always amounted to a sundry of medications that changed with the attending physician. This resulted into further addiction to a variety of pharmaceuticals; without long term headache relief.

When western medicine had run out of answers, I was then introduced to western/medical acupuncture. This physician was able to reduce the frequency and duration of the migraines but never totally take them away.

In October 2005, I was accepted to FCIM as a student, still plagued with daily headaches and multiple migraines. It was very concerning to me; in light of the fact that I needed to have a high level of concentration for studying, that the headaches were still interfering in my daily activities.

As a student; I decided to start regular treatments at the clinic prior to enrollment. It was divine intervention that Dr. Yang was able to oversee the initial treatment plans. Dr. Yang prescribed his acclaimed Shen treatment for anxiety and pain disorders. Within 20 minutes of e-stim application to his well-chosen point protocol; the headache had diminished to a tolerable level of pain and discomfort.

He said to return by the end of the week for a follow up session to continue addressing the lung, sinus and headache condition, and he would help me conquer the problem.

I still remember the day as if it were yesterday, I was experiencing an incapacitating headache that had returned in less than a day following. Once again the prescription was to repeat the Shen protocol for a longer time. It was as if a miracle had taken place; the migraine evaporated forever. The Shen Protocol is a gift beyond words. One and a half years later, and I am still headache and medication free.

From the multiple conditions described above, we know that in this case migraine and headache is very difficultly in both diagnosis and treatment for health provider.  He has a history of trauma to the his head which can cause migraine and headache, meanwhile his psychological and emotional problems can cause migraine headache, also his allergies with sinus infection can cause migraine and headache or make it worse.  From my personal clinical experience, I found that a lot of chronic health problems have multiple cause that all contribute to pain, stress and/or anxiety with allergies. This condition is effectively treated by applying electric acupuncture.


*Treatment result may vary on individual basis, such as age, condition, and ethnicity. We are not responsible for the claim by the patient, but we are pleasure to help you.