38 year-old infertile woman had failed 4 times in treatment with IVF, but successfully became pregnant with only acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas


A 38-year-old woman sought help for her infertility. She had undergone IVF four times in the past four years, but without success. She hoped acupuncture would  help her get pregnant.


She had no previous history of pregnancy and miscarriage, and her gynecological examinations were normal. When she first visited, she had lassitude, fatigue, and weakness in her lower and legs that worsened when menstruation came. She slept poorly, woke up at night and had difficulty going to back sleep again. She felt anxiety and stress. Her appetite was normal, with bowel movements once a day, and her urination was normal. She did not have pain in her back or limbs. Her first period appeared at age of twelve, and came regularly once a month with dark blood and clots, moderate volume for four to five days, and had twenty-five days for each cycle. Her libido was normal. There was no information of pulse and tongue because of telephone counseling.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, she was deficient of spleen qi and kidney essence and had blood stasis. The treatment principle used was to tonify spleen qi and fortify kidney essence and regulate blood to move blood stasis. The best treatment option was acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal formulas. After explanation of the treatment plan, she gladly accepted.

Acupuncture points included SP6, Zhigongxue with electric acupuncture stimulation; the manual acupuncture points included ST36, RN12 RN6, KI3, DU20,etl. The ear points included brain, endocrine, back, and shenmen, among others. The Chinese herbal formula included the herbs Dang Shen, Huang Qi, etl. The treatment for follow up visits modified some points of the acupuncture protocol, and herbs in the herbal formula, according to the progression of the patient.

Results: After a few months of the treatment, she reported a successful natural pregnancy. She was advised to continue to take a Chinese herbal formula to prevent miscarriage. The Chinese herbal formula included the herbs Dang Shen, Huang Qi, etl

(Dr. Joseph Beardsley, Acupuncture Physician was involved in this case. He practices Chinese Medicine in Lakeland, FL. For his more information, visit www.ancientartacupuncture.com)


*Treatment result may vary on individual basis, such as age, condition, and ethnicity. We are not responsible for the claim by the patient, but we are pleasure to help you.