It only makes sense that the body works better when it is in balance

Thousands of years ago, some very observant individuals noticed certain patterns that develop when humans are exposed to various stresses.To help themselves and others, they developed a way of counteracting the effects of these stressors. As time went on, they experimented and revised these methods to treat the many afflictions that have haunted man since the beginning.
Staying healthy and avoiding bad habits is what they determined led to a longer, happier lifetime. This is the TAO (pronounced DAO), THE WAY (to live one’s life). Try it, you’ll see. How you live and what you eat affect your health. Eat well and exercise so that you will avoid health problems that cost money and cause suffering.

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 Can Acupuncture Help Sleep Apnea?


Can acupuncture help sleep apnea?



For this question, I always say that it may be difficult to see any benefits because we don’t have any information from past literature in acupuncture and Chinese medicine for treating sleep apnea. Sleep apnea usually is diagnosed by western medicine according to main symptoms such as pauses in breathing […]

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Cupping and How it works? — Demonstration by Dr Yang

Cupping and How it works? So many people ased since Michael Phelps and the 2016 Rio Olympics has brought cupping into the limelight.

Here’s an introduction and demonstration of cupping by Dr Yang, the 3000 year old therapy.



We provide cupping usually as a follow up to acupuncture depending on the conditions.

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We do Cupping!

Cupping?  Yes, We do Cupping!

Cupping is a special technique for the treatment of problems of local energy or blood stagnation in the channels. It is normally applied following acupuncture for conditions such as asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, digestive problems, pain, fibromyalgia, and stress.

Shown below is Fire Cupping,  one of cupping methods. It is  most […]

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How Acupuncture Helps Stroke Patients? — Question and Answer


Dr. Yang,

How successful have you been helping people totally recover from stroke damage?   Is acupuncture and/or laser treatments something that only improves the lives of stroke patients or is there a total recovery?

Thanks for your question. Acupuncture can help stroke patients a lots depending on the conditions. For example, 1) the time window: the […]

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