Applying Chinese Medicine for Acne 

Acne is a common skin disease which most often affects:

1). Teenagers,

2). Women before the menstrual period,

3). Women after taking, or stopping, birth control pills,

4). Some patients that have a family history of acne.


Chinese Medicine describes the etiology of acne as an imbalance in internal physiological and energetic systems, where this imbalance produces heat, toxic stagnation, and blood stasis in the body. Therefore, treatments should address the imbalance in these systems, clear heat, reduce toxicity, and move blood stasis.


Observed on Chinese medicine’s clinic, all patients with acne had used creams, and most had used medications, prior to treatments. No patient had suffered from acne symptoms for less than two years, with some having suffered symptoms for up to twenty years. The following is an assessment of the findings in Chinese medicine’s clinic for acne conditions.



Severe acne patients commonly experience:

1). Long-term acne (some have it only a few years, others have it for 10 years or more).

2). Massive amount of large pimples covering large areas.

3). Acne appears on various places such as the face, the chest, neck, shoulders and back.

4). Patients may use different acne treatment products (e.g. cream and medicines), which are effective while still actively in use, but acne returns after stopping taking such products. These products may also be ineffective for some patients.

5). Patients with cystic acne (big and deep pimples).


These patients came from different countries, and have all received effective results, decidedly including those patients with severe acne. The protocols for treating acne usually only takes one week to be effective, and after two months of treatments, most patients have their acne problem under control. Once the acne is under control, another month of treatment will usually stabilize the condition more completely.


Signs of effectiveness after one week of treatment:

1). Pimples decrease in size

2). Decrease of amount of pimples (though there will likely still be a few new pimples here and there)

3). Change in the color of the pimples

4). Smaller acne scars that decrease in size or disappear.