I’m living proof that Oriental Medicine can treat severe menstrual pain and severe menstrual problems. Dr. Xuguang Yang is helping with the cause of the pain, not just the pain. Dr. Yang’s treatments have caused no negative side-effects like the one’s I experienced when taking all those pharmaceutical pain killers. Chinese Medicine is well-known in general for having much less side effects than Western Medicine. My pain level was high enough that Oxycodone often had no effect in many instances, and an emergency room nurse gave me Dilaudid to treat the pain in one incident. The nurse said it was the strongest pain killer they had, and even that did not remove all the pain, but it helped tremendously. That one incident was by no means the only time I suffered that much pain.
I occasionally have some pain now, but the pain level is low enough that even liquid Tylenol will remove it. I believe the reason for that pain is simply because my menses are irregular due to being perimenopausal which makes it difficult to time the intake of the herbs properly. If the herbs are taken starting about two days before menses, there is no pain or almost no pain.
Before I met Dr. Xuguang Yang, I had already been to several other practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and had received inconsistent results. I knew from the times I received good results and my studies that all I needed was someone who knew enough to help with my case. My case was exceptionally difficult to properly diagnose and treat in TCM.
Some texts such as The Hysterectomy HOAX would lead you to think Chinese herbs don’t help with menstrual problems, but I believe Stanley West stated that Chinese herbs didn’t work simply because he saw only patients for which the Chinese medical treatment didn’t work. I believe this was due to the TCM practitioners’ lack of understanding how to treat their cases, because there is ample documentation that reveals that Chinese Medicine indeed treats severe menstrual problems, but that these problems are not easy to treat.
An OB/GYN had already told me that if I underwent surgery for endometriosis, I would have to be put on a hormone treatment afterwards that Dr. Stanley West did not like. The same OB/GYN confessed to me that endometriosis always comes back. These statements told me that the best she could do for me was buy me time. I had already read online testimonials of the serious side affects people were experiencing from having gone through this Western mainstream treatment, so I was very leery of this approach.
I have one more set of important information to add: there are many reproductive problems we women in America think is normal that Chinese Medicine knows are symptoms of health problems. I’m stating this for the sake of teenage girls and young women in hopes that they will never have to go through all the suffering I have. With this knowledge hysterectomies would be rare instead of common events. Some symptoms that we commonly experience that Chinese Medicine eliminates with little or no side effects include the following:
1. PMS
2. All menstrual pain, including endometriosis
3. Irregular menstrual cycles
4. Menses that last under four days or more than seven days.
5. Breast distention
6. Premenstrual bloating
7. Heavy bleeding
8. Spotting
9. Discharge a color other than blood red (no black, brown, bright red, etc.)
10. Tasting bile before menses
11. Morning sickness
12. Infertility
There is one caveat to the treatment of these problems. Often the difficulty level in understanding how to treat these problems is high. The person who referred me to Dr. Yang is also an Oriental Medical Doctor, and she told me that all people she referred to him had very good results. She referred people to him that she could not help. I have high confidence in Dr. Xuguang Yang’s ability to help with all these symptoms. Dr. Yang’s record proves his high level of competence.
I very gladly travel from Jacksonville and St. Augustine to see Dr. Xuguang Yang for help.
Bobbie Jo Fouts
Ps. These resources are not needed when receiving Dr. Xuguang Yang’s help, but for more information about treating menstrual problems with Chinese Medicine the following literature is recommended: books by Bob Flaws, especially Treating Endometriosis in Chinese Medicine or Fire in the Valley and books by Giovanni Maciocia, especially Obstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese Medicine.*

*Results may vary from individual to individual and depending on person