IVF Case 2:

A 32-year-old woman came to my clinic for acupuncture to increase her fertility and assist IVF. She had attempted to have a natural pregnancy for three years, but these efforts had failed. Her fertility specialist recommended acupuncture during the preparation phase of IVF.

She had no history of disease, but two years ago she felt mood changes, nervousness, anxiety and depression—crying without reasons. She had anxiety, tension, sometimes depression and headache that dominated front and side of her head two to three times a week from a few hours up to one to two days. She slept poorly, woke up easily, and had difficulty going back to sleep.  She was prone to anger with excitement. She also had lower back pain aggravated by waist movement, but she did not have pain in the neck and upper back. She had lassitude, fatigue and weakness of body and lower legs after walking. Her appetite was normal with no acid reflux, and her bowel movements and urination were normal. She first menstruated at twelve years old, had a regular cycle, moderate volume with black blood and clots, with six days of bleeding for twenty-six days of each cycle. She had abdominal cramps that worsened one week before menstruation, accompanied by severe lower back pain, abdominal bloating, chest swelling, occasional nausea, with headache and obvious mood changes. Those symptoms gradually reduced at the end of her menstruation.

Examination revealed dark circles under her lower eyelids, and dark color on her cheek. Her tongue body was normal size, pale red with a slightly purple tip, no teeth marks, and thin, white, moist coating. Her pulse was wiry and weak bilaterally in the proximal positions. The Ears Pressure Test revealed significant pain with slight touch on the corresponding parts of the brain, waist, endocrine and shenmen, with a severity of 7-8/10. Slight touch to the lower back from T12 to S2 and next to the spine was painful; she especially rejected pressure on the lower back, L4 to S2. The severity of the pain around T12 to L3 was 5-6/10, and from L4 to S2 was 7-8/10.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, her condition included Blood stasis and Qi stagnation with shen disorders. The treatment plan was to invigorate the Blood to dispel stasis, and move Qi to stop pain, as well as calm shen to improve her sleep and emotional problems. The electric acupuncture points included DU20, Yintang, RN14, RN12; the manual acupuncture points included RN4, 6, SP6, 9, et al. Acupuncture was administered once a week. The ear points included brain, endocrine, Zigong and shenmen, among others. The Chinese herbal formula included Dan Shen, Pu Huang, Dang Gui, et al. The formula was 50g of herbal powder prescribed for one week, to be taken orally three times a day, 2g per dose, mixed with about 2 -3 oz. of warm water.

Treatments for follow up visits modified both some points of the acupuncture protocol and the herbal formula according to the progression of the patient.

After a few weeks of treatment, she reported significant improvement of her lower back pain and mood changes. After more than one months of treatment, most of her symptoms were no longer detectable, and it was time for IVF. Around two months later, she called to report that she was eight weeks pregnant and expressed thanks for helping her.


*Treatment result may vary on individual basis, such as age, condition, and ethnicity. We are not responsible for the claim by the patient, but we are pleasure to help you.