Successful pregnancy and miscarriage prevention of infertile woman by using only acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal formulas

A 28 year old female was referred to my clinic for help with her infertility by using acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula. Three years previously she had been pregnant, but had miscarriage on about two month of the pregnancy, and had not become pregnant again until recently. The experience of miscarriage made her stress and anxiety. She has been worried about miscarriage again.miscarriage

She reported lassitude, fatigue, lower back pain, occasional weakness of her legs. She had a poor appetite but no abdominal fullness with acid reflux. Her bowel movements were once a day, and her urination was normal. She felt nervous with slight anxiety sometimes. Her sleep was normal, but she always felt that she did not get enough sleep, and was reluctant to get up immediately when she woke in the morning. She had no other symptoms such as headache, upper back pain, stiffness or cold in her body, etc. With regard to her menstruation, her first period appeared at the age of thirteen, and regularly came once a month, with pale blood and no clots, with moderate volume for five to six days, with twenty-five days for each cycle. She did not have abdominal pain and emotional changes before and during menstruation. Her libido was low.

Assessment showed she was thin of body, of middle height, had lower voice without excitement, and a slightly dark color around her lower eyelids. Her tongue body was thin and small, pale with red color with a thin and white coat, and there were no cracks in the center of her tongue. Her pulse was weak and deep, especially weak and deep bilaterally in the proximal positions. There were tight and cold sensations on her limbs when slight touch was applied. There was a painful sensation with slight touch on her neck about C3-7, with a severity reported as 3-4/10. There was a painful sensation with slight touch on her upper back, with a severity of 3-4/10. There was a painful sensation with slight touch on her lower back, with a severity described as 4-5/10. The Ear Pressure Test showed there was significant painful sensation with slight touch on the corresponding parts of the brain, neck, waist and sacral, and shenmen, all with a severity of about 6-7/10.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine she was yang deficient in the spleen and kidney, with inadequate essence. The treatment principle used was to warm and tonify yang in spleen and kidney, and tonify essence.
The electric acupuncture points and manual acupuncture points included ST36, RN6, RN4, REN12, Yintang, etc, The ear points are brain, endocrine, uterine and shenmen, among others. This treatment protocol was applied once a week for fifteen minutes during acupuncture treatment.

The Chinese herbal formula was a modification of Li Zhong Tang, Si Wu Tang, and You Gui Wan. The treatment for follow up visits modified some points of the acupuncture protocol, and herbs in the herbal formula, according to her progress.

Because it was very inconvenient for her to drive about 130 miles to visit my office for treatment, after the second visit I transferred her back to her primary acupuncture physician to continue the acupuncture treatment once a week, and she visited my office once a month for acupuncture treatment and a monthly refill her herb formula.

Results: After a few weeks of the treatment, she reported improvement of her fatigue, and most symptoms were improved, her appetite was increased, and her libido was improved. After couple months of the treatment, she had no obvious symptoms, and ended treatment. Later, she called to report that she had been pregnant for two months. As the patient reported in follow-up, she had successfully delivered a baby with normal pregnancy ten months later.

(Dr. Joseph Beardsley, Acupuncture Physician was involved in this case. He practices Chinese Medicine in Lakeland, FL. For more information, visit


*Treatment result may vary on individual basis, such as age, condition, and ethnicity. We are not responsible for the claim by the patient, but we are pleasure to help you.