J. Bean

Dear Dr. Yang:
Just a note to tell you how pleased I have been with the acupuncture treatments you gave me.
After a head injury many years ago, I was unhappily left with dizziness that was seemingly “incurable.”
I have been too many specialists throughout the U.S., and had some relief, but in recent months, the situation had worsened again, and no one could help. Since I am very sensitive to prescription medications, I decided to try acupuncture, and was delighted to find you and have results after only the second treatment.
My situation continued to improve as time went on, and in a few months I was able to drive my car again, and to resume teaching, gradually working up to my former schedule. My neck pain was also treated by your acupuncture treatment, and it also was eliminated.
I want you to know I tell everyone who is suffering any pain or discomfort to go to see you. I know I was very happy to meet a physician who is competent, caring, and capable.
Thank you again.

*Results may vary from individual to individual and depending on person